Predict the way, claim, and keep the top positions.

Look into the future before its too late.

SEO Dub allows you to get an advantage by having a peek into what will happen to your rankings in coming weeks. It uses predictive machine learning model, data from tracking over 120,000 top ranking URLs and sandbox simulations. See the most probable trend to manipulate your rankings before they happen.

Predictive SEO

Gain rankings by following step by step strategy.

SEO Dub will recognize your competitor weaknesses to generate the most viable strategy possible. Each keyword submitted is triggering a custom simulation that predicts the tasks that are most likely to help against your competitors. Work only on things that matter!

SEO Strategy

Secure your position as a leader

Find out what can cause a drop in the rankings before its too late. With easy to use panel, you will be able to predict the issues. SEO Dub proactively simulates different scenarios to forecast possible problems and opportunities. As a bonus - peace of mind.

Secure SEO Position


Find out how it works!

  1. 01

    Submit your URL and keyword.
    SEO Dub will perform a full SEO audit for it and the 3 top ranking competitors. Over 1,400 data points will be collected.

  2. 02

    Gathered data will be fed to the machine learning algorithm. Together with analysis from tracking over 120,000 top ranking URLs, it will build a simulation model. Numerous tests will predict the most likely rank changing scenarios.

  3. 03

    A custom strategy in the form of easy to follow tasklist will be generated. SEO Dub will provide a list of all issues that should be adjusted, and it will sort them by the ones that are most likely to make a difference.

  4. 04

    Each day the URL will be audited, and simulations will be re-done using the updated algorithm. This way SEO Dub will be able to predict Google updates and proactively suggest on how to avoid penalty.

Each week SEO Dub audits over 120,000 top ranking URLs to learn on why they perform well.

Supported by

Professionals managing small and large websites

SEO Dub has a chance to become the hottest product in the SEO industry since a while. Predictive SEO is often forgotten, while it should be the very core of every SEO strategy.

IBM Ireland Limited

We are using some tools that try to perform predictive SEO. The issue is that it is just one more neglected feature. We are thrilled to hear that there is a new company that will focus on it.

CIT Group Inc.

Any unique solution that can help us with our SEO strategies is something that we will extensively research. SEO Dub has potential, and if done right, it will become one of our default tools.

Avis Car Hire Ireland

Access all the features and look in to the future

Gain and support - by purchasing our packages you not only gain access to the fantastic features, but you also support us in our quest of making SEO easier to understand.

SEO Dub uses data from Moz, Ahrefs, Majestic, Alexa, and Google, complementary to its own.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How are payments processed?

All payments are processed and stored securely by PayPal. SEO Dub does not hold any financial information.

Explain like I am 5 - what is SEO Dub?

SEO Dub tries to predict your SEO ranking trend a few weeks ahead and craft a strategy that will use this knowledge to your advantage.

How this compares to other tools?

Predictive SEO is uncommon - only a few companies are trying to tackle it, and they are costly. SEO Dub is the first customer grade solution on the cloud market.

What's the state of SEO Dub?

SEO Dub is a young startup that is still growing. We are introducing new features each week, and we are open to suggestions and feature request. Help us build your perfect SEO solution!

How long do I need to wait until I see the results of SEO Dub?
SEO Dub is helping you to craft the strategy; it's your decision on how quickly you will execute it. The rule of thumbs is that the longer the SEO Dub is allowed to work on the keyword, the more accurate it becomes.

What's the refund policy?

If you are not satisfied with what you get during the first month, we will refund it to you.

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