Each week SEO Dub audits over 120,000 top ranking URLs to predict on why they perform well.

The power of AI

SEO Dub is using advanced machine learning and natural language processing to determine what make websites to rank.
By performing daily audits on target link and its competitor, it can detect weaknesses and strengths.
With extensive data gathered, SEO Dub will determine the most viable strategy to achieve top position in Google.
SEO Dub will observe search engine updates, detect trends and provide customized advice.


Each keyword submitted to SEO Dub results in over 1,400 metrics collected.


The easy way

SEO Dub is not only focusing on your website, but also on your competitors that rank in top 3 results.
Through advanced learning algorithm, it finds the easiest way to outrun them.
It provides you with a todo list that is easy to follow at your own pace.

Over 1700 users have entrusted their SEO with SEO Dub.

The ever learning AI solution

SEO Dub knows how to learn - the longer it helps your website, the better it gets.
It uses current and historical data gathered from weekly scans of over 120.000 URLs to plan and predict SEO strategy.


SEO Dub uses data from Moz, Ahrefs, Majestic, Alexa, and Google, complementary to its own.


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